Customs Services

HansenMac is a Customs Agent and Broker providing a direct customs clearance service for Import and Export shipments arriving and departing from the UK

Who we provide our services to

  • Companies Importing from the European Union and Worldwide    
  • Companies Exporting to the European Union and Worldwide 
  • Freight Forwarders 
  • Hauliers and Transport companies
  • Shipping lines and Airlines
  • Sole Traders, Amazon fulfillment

What we provide

As a direct representative, we process and complete your Customs Declarations and clearance formalities on your behalf. HansenMac provides specialist knowledge of International import and export regulations and offers advice on customs related matters across the following areas:

  • Customs clearances to and from the European Union
  • Customs Clearances into the UK from Worldwide Countries
  • Economic Operator Registration & Identification (EORI) 
  • Duty and VAT Rates
  • Preferences for reduced or zero duty
  • Quota Requirements
  • Carnets, Inward & Outward Processing Relief (IPR & OPR)

Our team of customs clearance coordinators will guide you through the entire customs process and ensure you have all the correct documentation for a smooth and cost effective clearance.

Exporting to and Importing from EU Countries from 01 January 2021


Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to complete Customs Clearances.

We can set up an account for you so that we have the necessary details in advance with no obligation or fees (we do not charge for this as some Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers do)
This will also ensure that you are registered with us and will have priority over last minute enquiries in December and January.

Please refer to our information page or contact us for advice and guidance  info@hansenmac.com

Yes, you will still have to complete Customs Clearances and pay Import VAT. If a Trade Agreement is concluded, there may be reduced or no duties applied on importing or exporting products to and from the EU. If there is no agreement reached, Full Duties will be applied according to WTO rates.

To ensure the smooth flow of goods from January 2021 we are linked with the majority of UK Ports and have contingency back up plans to route shipments via alternative UK ports if Dover and the Channel Tunnel become an issue with blockages and delays especially during January and February.
For example, we can route into Harwich, Immingham, Hull, London Gateway, Tilbury, Newhaven from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France.

We can also process EU Customs Import clearances, so if a condition of your sale is delivering to your customers door with all customs procedures included then please speak to us. 

You can give your supplier our contact details and we will liaise with them directly to arrange the clearance and keep you informed.

The UK Government are allowing UK Importers 6 months in which to submit a full customs clearance declaration, however you will still need to record the import and have all the information prior to entry into the UK.
For example if you import in January 2021 we prepare a summary declaration and would then submit your Full Customs Declaration in July 2021.*

*Excise goods, for example alcohol, need to have Full Customs Declarations from 01 January 2021.
*Food and animal products will need to have Full Customs Declarations from 01 April 2021.

If you have an account with us, you will be able to forward all relevant Customs documentation and paperwork to us at the time of each import from January 2021. We will then store this information until it is time to submit the Customs Declaration (C88) on your behalf without you having to worry about it.

Why choose us

  • We use the latest customs clearance software, which is connected directly to the HMRC and Port systems for prompt, accurate communication and to track your shipments.

  • Peace of mind, we will ensure your customs clearances are completed according to the current laws to avoid overpaying duty or VAT and remove the risk of facing fines or additional charges.
  • We will make the necessary declarations on your behalf and oversee the customs clearance process for you, liaising directly with HMRC and any other trade and regulatory bodies and ensure that your cargo is delivered as smoothly as possible.

  • Our prices are competitive but not at the expense of reducing the high level of service and attention for detail.    

  • We ensure that our dedicated team can process the right amount of customs clearances to be able to provide an accurate, reliable and trustworthy service to each of our valued customers.

Contact Information

Registered number 11932140

VAT 320898980

Please contact us for information